Watch a video clip from the Premier Episode,
featuring music from Phantom Planet.
"The Ties That Bind"
song artist scene info
Flying High Jem Song plays in the background as Ryan and Marisa walk together, Ryan wants to make it work between them.
Orange Sky Alexi Murdoch Song plays in the background as Ryan and Marisa eat lunch together at school, and Marisa asks Ryan how he feels about Theresa's decision.
Montserrat Orquestra del Playa The song plays in the background as everyone gathers for a dinner party the night before the wedding.
The Sea and The Rhythm Iron & Wine The song plays as Ryan, Marisa, Seth and Summer walk along the beach and remember the beginning of the year. Ryan tells them that he has to leave.
Bridal March CAR 188 The song plays in the background of the wedding ceremony.
Here Comes The Bride APM The song plays as Julie enters the chapel and walks down the aisle.
Maybe I'm Amazed Jem Jem sings the song at the reception while everybody dances on the dancefloor, Marisa tells Ryan she understands why he has to go but that she loves him.
Hallelujah Jeff Buckley The song plays in the background during the final minutes of the season finale as Ryan leaves his new home and stares out at the coastline, Marisa resigns herself to her new home, and Seth sails off into the unknown.
"The Strip"
song artist scene info
On Parade Electrelane The song plays as Seth and Marissa offer Ryan money to help Theresa out, and they devise a plan to "fundraise" while in Vegas.
Ch-Checkit Out The Beastie Boys The song plays as the guys arrive to the Hard Rock Casino on the strip. "Welcome to the Vegas."
So Sweet Jonathan Rice The song plays as Sandy questions Caleb about the Lighthouse, and Caleb mentions that Marissa is planning on moving in with the newlyweds, not Jimmy.
Jacqueline Franz Ferdinand The song plays while Kristin asks for Hailey to help her find a stripper for Julie's bachelorette party. Meanwhile in Vegas, Ryan and Seth encounter a hot young coed named Jenn who invites them to an exclusive poker game.
How High Tricky The song plays as Jenn takes Ryan and Seth to a $250 buy in poker game in a bar off the strip.
The Vanishing Stars The song plays at Julie's bachelorette party, an elegant affair Hailey arrives with firemen in tow.
Fire The Ohio Players The song plays as group of impossibly hot firemen strippers arrive to Julie's party, carry her into the living room coffeetable, and begin taking it all off for the bride to be.
Passing By Zero 7 The song plays just as Summer arrives at the Hard Rock in Vegas to find Seth up in the penthouse kissing Jenn, who turns out to be a prostitute.
Meet Your Demise The Willowz The song plays as the bachelorette party is winding down. Julie calls Hailey a whore, slaps her, and they get into a rowdy catfight which ends in the swimming pool.
"The Shower"
song artist scene info
Met a Girl Like You Once Zack Hexum Song plays as Ryan and Marissa talk in the student lounge.
Keep It Clean Camera Obscura Song plays Seth's bedroom as Seth and Summer talk about meeting her father.
Right Now Mocean Worker The song plays at the Country Club during Julie's shower.
9 Lives South The song plays as Ryan and Marissa sit together quietly in the backyard.
"The Proposal"
song artist scene info
Autumn Leaves Richard Hayman & His Orchestra Song plays as the movie makes everyone cry except Ryan.
Pride Syntax Song plays as Marissa is upset about Luke and Julie.
All The Kings Horses Christina Lux 1) Song plays as Seth and Summer look through an old yearbook.
2) Song plays again as Marissa and Ryan say goodbye to Luke.
Loose Caboose Henry Mancini Song plays as Luke watches people go in.
Night Moves Bob Seger Song plays as Luke is really depressed, blows Ryan off and calls Julie.
Pillows and Records Highwater Rising Song plays as Marissa sees her redecorated room
"The Nana"
song artist scene info
Just A Ride Jem Song plays as Jimmy checks up on Hailey and they flirt with each other.
Float On Modest Mouse Song plays at the engagement party in Chino - Ryan, Marissa are there.
Heartache Chris Murray Song plays at a backyard barbecue as Ryan and Marissa talk.
Take Me Home Aqualung Song plays in Ryan's room as Ryan and Marissa return from Chino.
"The L.A."
song artist scene info
Ride The Vines Song plays as Seth and Ryan see Luke leaving a hotel with a woman.
How Good It Can Be The 88 Song plays in the car as the gang is stuck in L.A. traffic.
Born Too Slow The Crystal Method Song plays as the gang walks into a very “Hollywood” club.
Road Leads Where It's Led The Secret Machines Song plays as Ryan discovers Hailey is a stripper at an L.A. club.
Start A Fire Radio 4 Song plays in a “Hollywood” club as Ryan catches Hailey dancing and Summer is hit on by an actor.
To Get Down Timo Mass Song plays in a “Hollywood” club as Seth catches Hailey working as a dancer.
Get Krunk K- Dub Song plays at the Luna-Chicks VIP Entrance.
All The Boys The Plus Ones Song plays as an actor puts “his band” on the radio to impress Summer.
Espionage Kid Gloves  
Out of LA Jude Song plays over a couple scenes as the gang winds down their crazy night out in L.A.
"The Goodbye Girl"
song artist scene info
Alone Trespassers William Song plays as Ryan and Theresa browse the classified ads.
A Lack of Color Death Cab For Cutie Song plays as Seth talks to Anna in the hallway about her decision to move back east.
Specialist Interpol Song plays as Ryan shows up at Theresa’s hotel room to talk and they end up hooking up.
Walkin' The Walk Mastersource  
Something For You Mastersource  
Separate Ways Journey Song plays on the car stereo as Ryan and Seth try to get to the airport before Anna’s plane leaves.
If You Leave Nada Surf Song plays as Seth drops off Anna at the airport and says goodbye.
"The Telenovela"
song artist scene info
Caught In The Rain Preston School of Industry Song plays as Ryan and Seth walk across the campus and talk about Ryan and Marissa’s relationship.
Leaving Trains James William Hindle Song plays as Ryan and Marissa have an awkward conversation about Theresa in the school cafeteria.
Bluebird Of Happiness Mojave 3 Song plays as Ryan walks with Theresa on the beach, as Marissa discusses Ryan with Theresa, and as Ryan and Theresa further complicate their relationship/friendship with a kiss.
Des Moines Halloween, Alaska Song plays as 1: Ryan comes home to find Eddie looking for Theresa and 2: as Ryan talks to Eddie about Theresa, and Marissa listens to Theresa discuss her relationship with Eddie.
Something Pretty Patrick Park Song plays as Seth interrupts Summer’s involvement at the school kissing booth and professes his love.
California (main title) Phantom Planet scene info
"The Heartbreak"
song artist scene info
Hello Sunshine Super Furry Animals Song plays in Summer’s bedroom as her and Seth get physical.
Billoddity Mojave 3 Song plays in Ryan’s room as Seth comes into and tells him he lost his virginity.
Summertime The Fire Theft Song plays as Ryan and Luke help set up an event at the Cicada ballroom.
Anything But Love Squirrel Nut Zippers Song plays at the Valentine’s Day Dance.
Dreamtime Mastersource  
Night Moves Bob Seger Song plays as Luke shows up at Julie’s door to tell her his feelings.
Wonderwall Ryan Adams Song plays on Seth’s record player as he dances with Summer on Valentine’s Day, continues over Ryan and Marissa deciding the future of their relationship.
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Truth"
song artist scene info
Love of the Loveless The Eels Song plays in the Cohen Poolhouse as Ryan waste’s time before school, as he watches TV and falls furthering a funk, and when he fights with Seth.
Three Feet Tall I Am Kloot Song plays in the Lounge at Harbor High.
New Resolution Azure Ray Song plays as Ryan talks to Julie about Marissa, continues as Marissa and Oliver talk.
Watching The Game At Joes Mastersource  
Self-Help Turin Brakes Song plays at the end of the scene info in Ryan’s poolhouse as Seth and Ryan reconcile and Seth apologizes for not having Ryan’s back.
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Rivals"
song artist scene info
Boom Box Mosquitos Song plays when Seth encounters Danny.
Come Into Our Room Clinic 1) Song plays as Ryan catches up to Marissa in the hallway.
2) Song plays in the Cohen house, continues as Ryan sneaks onto the school campus.
3) Song plays as Ryan watches Oliver give Marissa a letter.
4) Song plays as Ryan reads the letter Oliver wrote to Marissa.
The Spoils of The Spoiled The New Amsterdams Song plays in Seth’s bedroom as he and Ryan talk about Olivers letter.
Cannonball Damien Rice Song plays as Summer and Seth talk in the hallway about Danny.
Big Sur The Thrills Song plays in the student lounge as Oliver taunts Ryan about stealing Marissa from him before Ryan punches him.
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Links"
song artist scene info
Away From Me Puddle Of Mudd 1) Sandy tries to teach Ryan how to golf.
2) Plays at the Cohen house as the group gathers for a road trip.
3) Oliver races Ryan in their golfcarts.
4) Ryan and Seth talk to Kirsten about their weekend.
Quiet Village Martin Denny Song plays as Seth and Anna play Jenga in their hotel room as Summer walks in and interrupts.
Its Not Unusual Tom Jones 1) Song plays over an establishing shot of Palm Springs and in a Palm Springs hotel room as the gang arrives.
2) Oliver dances around the hotel room opening bottles of pills.
Love Dance Martin Denny 1) Song plays as Summer interrupts Anna and Seth’s quiet time and turns on the TV.
2) Song plays as Anna and Seth kiss on the bed in their hotel room before Seth yawns in her face.
Addicted Enrique Iglesias Song plays as Summer interrupts Anna and Seth’s quiet time and turns on the TV.
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Third Wheel"
song artist scene info
Saturday Morning The Eels Song plays in the beginning of the scene info in the Cohen kitchen as everyone is getting ready to leave.
Popular Mechanics For Lovers Beulah Marissa and Ryan and Anna and Seth talk at school.
Sorry Sorry Rooney Song plays on the radio which prompts the gang to talk about the upcoming Rooney show.
Blue Side Rooney Song plays as source from a stereo as the gang listens to the Rooney album before going to their concert.
Want In Laptop Song plays as the group arrives at a club to see a concert.
Burn Baby Burn Ash Song plays at a concert venue after the band has finished their set.
Should I know Buva Song plays at a concert while the crowd waits for the band to go on.
I'm Shakin' Rooney Band appears on camera.
Thank You For Being A friend Anna and Summer sing  
Popstars Rooney Band appears on camera.
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Countdown"
song artist scene info
Selling Submarines The Pattern Song plays at the Cohen house as they prepare for the party.
Make Up Your Mind The Vacation Song plays at the Cohen house party.
Walking On Moonlight Brookeville Song plays in Sandy's car as he and Kirsten talk about their marriage.
We've Had Enough Alkaline Trio Song plays at a house party as Ryan weaves his way through the crowd.
Destiny Zero 7 Photek Remix The song plays at a party in Laguna Beach.
Walkaway Dropkick Murphy's Song plays as Ryan and Seth are trapped in the poolhouse together.
Ratso Rizzo Laptop Song plays as Ryan and Seth are trapped in the poolhouse together.
Just A Ride Jem The song plays at a party in Laguna Beach.
Overdriver Singapore Sling Song plays at the Four Seasons penthouse party.
Did You Ever Get A
Feeling Of Dread
Suicide Machines Song plays at the Cohen house party.
Flowers The Flaming Sideburns Song plays at the Four Seasons penthouse party.
Dice Finley Quaye and Beth Orton Song plays at the end of the scene info as Ryan finds Marissa at a New Year’s Eve party and kisses her as the clock strikes midnight.
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Best Chrismukkah Ever"
song artist scene info
Santa Claus is Coming To Town The Ventures Song plays as Seth Cohen introduces Ryan to the concept of “Chrismukkah”.
Maybe This Christmas Ron Sexsmith Song plays in the background at a high end department store as Ryan and Marissa shop.
(You Come In ) Burned Dandy Warhols Song in 4 spots in the scene info-In Seth’s kitchen as he talks to Kirtsen, in Jimmy’s apartment as he talks with Julie, in a bathroom stall as Marissa drinks alcohol, in a therapist’s waiting room as Marissa waits for her appointment.
Hannukah Lights Firstcom  
Winter Wonderland Peggy Lee Song plays at a fancy Christmas party the Cohen’s attend.
Silent Night Firstcom  
Santa Baby Eartha Kitt Song plays as at a Christmas party as Summer gives Seth his Christmas present (herself dressed as Wonder Woman )and Anna walks in.
We Wish You A Merry Christmas Firstcom  
Blue Christmas Bright Eyes Song plays in the background as Ryan hangs his stocking on the fireplace while he talks to Seth.
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Secret"
song artist scene info
We Used To Be Friends Dandy Warhols 1) It plays in the teaser as Seth feigns illness and Ryan busts him.
2) It plays as Seth runs into Summer and Anna and they get their revenge.
3) Then plays as Summer and Anna sit with each other and bond.
Get What You Need Jet Song plays on the car radio before Luke and Ryan see Luke’s dad with another man.
If She Wants Me Belle and Sebastian Song plays in the background of a Mexican restaurant as Julie and Kirsten talk.
Move On Jet Song plays at the end of the scene info as Seth, Luke, Ryan, and Marissa face the day at school.
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Homecoming"
song artist scene info
We Drink On The Job Earlimart Song plays in Seth's room as he and Ryan look at comic books.
Breathe Easy Minibar Song plays as Ryan and Marissa make out in the pool room, then talk about Ryan's brother.
Different Stars Trespassors William Song plays as Ryan visits his brother in prison.
Caravan The Joh Buzon Trio Song plays as Seth and Summer kiss.
Caravan Gordon Jenkins Song plays as Seth and Anna kiss.
Latinos Mundial Mellowman Ace Song plays as Ryan talks to Gattas.
Orange Sky Alexi Murdoch Song plays as Ryan visits his brother in prison who tells him to leave the past behind and work towards the future.
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Perfect Couple"
song artist scene info
Strange and Beautiful Aqualung Song plays as Ryan and Marissa make out in the pool room.
A Fine Romance Stacy Kent Song plays as Seth and Anna share a romantic moment on a yacht.
Breathe Leaves Song plays as Ryan and Marissa share a tender moment in the pool room.
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Heights"
song artist  
Paint The Silence South  
Don't Give Up On Me Soloman Burke  
How Good Can It Be The 88  
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Rescue"
song artist  
Keep It Together Guster  
Let The Bad Times Roll Paul Westerberg  
Le Femme D'argent Air  
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Escape"
song artist  
Good Day Luce  
Movie Script Ending Death Cab For Cutie  
Out Of Control Chemical Brothers  
Ritmo De Oro Los Cubaztecas  
La Conga De Santiago Los Cubaztecas  
Going Under (Kruder and
Dorfmeister Remix)
Rockers Hi Fi  
Into Dust Mazzy Star  
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Girlfriend"
song artist  
You're So Damn Hot OK Go  
Wait For Me The Runaways  
Disco Church The Faders  
Break Palm Street  
More Bounce (in California) Soul Kid #1  
Do You User  
Hollow Tricky  
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Outsider"
song artist  
The Way We Get By Spoon  
Sucka MCs The Grand Skeem  
Eya Eya Oy The Grand Skeem  
Let's Get Retarded Black Eyed Peas  
Brick by Brick Grade 8  
Rock Like This The Grand Skeem  
All Kinds of Time Fountain of Wayne  
Rolling With The Heat The Roots  
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Debut"
song artist  
Why Can't I Liz Phair  
Lazy Days Leona Naess  
Play Some D Brassy  
To Sheila The Smashing Pumpkins  
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Gamble"
song artist  
Wanna Be Happy Brooke  
Sing Sing Sing (With A Swing) James Horner  
Rain Rain Turin Brakes  
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
"The Model Home"
song artist  
California Rufus Wainwright  
I'm A Terrible Person Rooney  
Caught By The River The Doves  
In Your Eyes Aaron D  
Do It With Madonna The Androids  
Hallelujah Jeff Buckley  
We're Going Out Tonight Shady Lady  
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
Premiere scene info
song artist  
California (main title) Phantom Planet  
Show Me Cham Pain  
Sweet Honey Slightly Stupid  
All Around the World
(Punk Debutante)
Cooler Kids  
Swing Swing The All American Rejects  
Hands Up Black Eyed Peas  
I'm A Player The K.G.B.  
Let It Roll Maximum Roach  
Into Dust Mazzy Star  
Honey and The Moon Joseph Arthur