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"The Graduates"
song artist scene info
I Don't Care What My Friends Say Chris Holmes This song first plays at the beginning of the episode when Seth arrives home. Sandy talks to Kirsten, trying to figure out if Seth is lying to them, and Ryan tries to convince Seth to tell the truth about burning down the Newport Group offices. It plays again as Marissa tells Ryan she is going to help him get rid of Volchok. The song plays one last time as Ryan's mom says goodbye and leaves the Cohen's house in a cab.
Breaking The Ice Mojave 3 This song first plays as Summer, Taylor and Marissa are setting up for graduation and talking about Seth. It plays for a second time as the graduating seniors are gathered in the student lounge, getting ready to start the ceremony. You hear this song one more time as Ryan and Marissa join Seth and Summer at the end of the line of students, preparing to graduate.
Speeding Cars Imogen Heap This song plays during the big graduation scene. Names are called, diplomas are handed out. Taylor gives her big speech.
Bossy Kelis This song first plays as Kaitlin is decorating her new room. Julie comes in and tells her to turn down the bass. It comes on a little later in the scene after Kaitlin bossily proclaims that she will "rule Harbor".
Chapters Commuter This songs plays as Seth, Summer, Marissa and Ryan break into the model home that Ryan once burnt down to swim in the pool, and stroll down memory lane before they go their separate ways.
Hallelujah Imogen Heap This song plays while Ryan and Marissa are on the road, saying goodbye.
"The Man of the Year"
song artist scene info
The Pioneers Bloc Party This song begins the episode as Ryan realizes he beat up Volchok pretty bad. You hear this song again when Volchok blackmails Ryan into being his lookout when he steals a car. Volchok tries to hotwire the car as Ryan yells at him that a patrol car is on its way. Volchok speeds off in the stolen car, and Ryan runs away from the scene.
The Pioneers Tunng This different version of the previous song first plays as Ryan is driving Volchok to the hospital. It plays for a second time as Volchok is brought into the hospital and Ryan is left to reflect in the parking lot. This song plays again at the end of the episode as Seth is taken away from the Newport Bay Yacht Club in handcuffs by the police.
Some You Give Away La Rocca You hear this song while Seth and Summer make out in Seth's room. Summer interrupts to tell Seth about the letter, but can't bring herself to say it.
Spaceship The Vines This song first plays after Seth finds Kirsten drunk and passed out. Seth tucks her into bed and cleans up after her. This song plays for a second time when Kirsten goes into Seth's room to reconcile. Seth is upset with Sandy still, but Kirsten convinces him to attend Sandy's "Man of the Year" ceremony.
Cherry Bomb The Runaways You hear this song when Marissa initiates her plan to help Kaitlin out at Knightley School. Marissa strolls across the campus dressed as a student on her way to meet Trevor.
Flames Go Higher Eagles of Death Metal This song plays as Marissa ties Trevor up in a storage closet at Knightley in preparation for her striptease for him. Marissa steals Trevor's pants to get to his keys, leaves him in the closet and locks the door on her way out.
"The Party Favor"
song artist scene info
Getting Hit On At The Bank The Briefs This song plays as Seth and Ryan walk on the pier and talk about prom. Seth is trying to figure out how to ask Summer to be his date, and is also trying to convince Ryan to ask someone. Their conversation is cut short when they see Volchok making out with someone who isn't Marissa.
Earthquakes and Sharks Brandston This song plays at the Diner where Summer thinks she is meeting someone from Brown, and instead it is Seth asking her to prom. Marissa asks Volchok, and Ryan asks Theresa. Summer says "No".
Oregon Girl Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltzin You hear this song as Ryan and Marissa talk about their prom dates in the student lounge. Marissa lets Ryan know her and Volchok are still together.
One Day Bratsound You first hear this song as Marissa and Summer are getting ready for prom. They are listening to this CD, which is supposed to be by "Big Korea", Summer's prom date. It plays for a second time at senior prom as Theresa gets a call from the guy she is "sort of" seeing, but decides to stay with Ryan, and Ryan finds Volchok making out with another girl.
To All Of You Syd Matters You hear this song as Marissa and Summer look at an old photo with Seth and Ryan, then they go to the Cohen's house to take pre-prom photos. Summer leaves Seth's confession napkin on Sandy's desk. The song plays again at the end of the episode as Marissa sit alone drinking on the Pier, Ryan and Theresa talk about the "new Marissa" and the "new Ryan", and then almost kiss.
Random Lady Sovereign This is the first song that plays at the prom. Anna and Seth try to make Summer jealous, and Summer does the same to them. Summer takes Volchok's flask and proceeds to get drunk. Volchok gets bored and goes to smoke some pot.
I Can't Come Down Embrace The "slow dance" at the prom. During this song Summer continues drinking, Marissa looks around for Volchok, and Anna tries to convince Seth to continue on with "the plan".
Gotta Reason Hard-Fi You hear this song at the Bait Shop prom afterparty. People are getting rowdy, Marissa is bummed out, Seth checks on Summer and Anna convinces him to tell her the truth.
"The College Try"
song artist scene info
Hands Ms. John Soda This song plays during a party at Wes' place at Berkeley. Marissa and Wes talk about her relationship with Ryan. Marissa then sees Ryan and talks to him about his tour of the architecture building.
Leave Me Alone Two Hours Traffic You hear this song when Ryan calls The Cohens from Berkeley and talks to Kirsten. The song plays in the background at the house party Ryan calls from and can only be heard when Ryan is on screen. This song can be heard up to the point when Kirsten talks to Ryan about Theresa.
Wrap It Up Whitey You hear this song when Seth and Summer take a walking tour of the Brown University campus. Seth tries to talk to Summer about their relationship, but Summer is unwilling to hear what Seth has to say for himself.
Night Birds Ryan Adams You first hear this song play during another party at Wes' house. Wes tells Marissa that he partied too hard during his freshman year causing his grades to suffer, and Marissa tells Wes how her family fell apart and that she got kicked out of school. This song plays for a second time when Marissa is at Volchok's apartment while he is asleep and sees that he rented "The Sound Of Music" DVD. Marissa then climbs into bed to cuddle with Volchok.
Samba Sandwich Jonathan Boyle This song plays during a dinner event at the Newport Bay Yacht Club that Sandy and Kirsten attend. Dr. R introduces Sandy to some other Doctors while Kirsten and Julie talk.
"The Dawn Patrol"
song artist scene info
A Picture of Me Without You George Jones This song plays from the Jukebox in a bar in Albuquerque. Ryan and Chloe talk about his mom and then they slow dance.
Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes Sun Kil Moon You hear this songs as Ryan leaves the Diner after inviting his mom to his graduation, and Seth sits in his room, lying in bed, staring at the ceiling.
Any Sound The Vines This song plays as Volchok and his rowdy friends wake Marissa up as she is sleeping at Volchok's pad.
Foxy Foxy Rob Zombie The party at Volchok's continues. Marissa notices one of Volchok's friends putting a white substance in a beer he then gives to Heather.
Woman Wolfmother Again at Volchok's party, this song plays as Marissa saves Heather from getting gang raped in the van.
Waiting For You Ben Harper Ryan leaves Albuquerque, Sandy puts some files in a safe, Marissa comes to her mother crying and Taylor tries to cheer up Summer.
"The Day After Tomorrow"
song artist scene info
Good Day Tally Hall This song first plays as Seth and Summer try on winter clothes in preparation for attending college at Brown. It continues as Ryan and Sadie make out before talking about college. You hear it again as Ryan sees Seth in the Cohen Kitchen, and they talk about college. Later in the episode the song plays as Seth, Ryan and Summer look in the mail for their college acceptance letters. Finally, you hear it while Seth is on the phone with Brown, trying to find out if his letter of denial was a mistake.
That's All I Need The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir This songs plays at Volchok's apartment, as he is talking to Marissa on the telephone while she is at school.
China Chris Holmes You first hear this song as Sadie reads Ryan's palm, and they make out. The second time it plays, Seth and Summer are in the Rangerover talking about Sadie and Ryan. Summer gets mad when Seth accuses Ryan of being to young to know what he wants in a relationship, applying it to their own.
The Secret Shot Dopo Yuma In the student lounge, Summer asks Ryan if he's seen Seth, and she finds out that he hasn't invited her yet to the celebration dinner. Then, Ryan talks to Seth about Sadie, and going away to college.
The Crime True Love You hear this song at the "Sweatshirt Party" on the beach. Seth tells Summer he isn't going to Brown, and Ryan tells Marissa he is always "there" for her, while Sadie feels left out of the festivities.
Fog (Again) - Live Version Radiohead This song plays at the end of the episode. A heartbroken Summer rips up her college collage and is consoled by Marissa. Seth and Ryan sit silently in the pool house, defeated.
"The Secrets And Lies"
song artist scene info
Faster Kill Pussycat Paul Oakenfold feat. Brittany Murphy This song plays at the beginning of the Episode at the Bait Shop. Seth and Summer analyze Ryan and Sadie's body language, trying to determine how into eachother they are, then they see Volchok and Marissa making out.
Spin Me Around The Surge In the Harbor Student Lounge, Seth and Summer trade off on an arcade game while discussing if they should tell Ryan about Marissa and Volchok. They decide to keep quiet.
A Night In Vegas Victor Malloy This song plays as Sadie and Ryan are making out in the poolhouse, and get interrupted by Seth. Seth tells Ryan through the door that Marissa and Volchok have been hooking up, and kills the mood. It plays for a second time after Sadie leaves, and Seth has his tail between his legs.
When You're Gone Luther Russell You first hear this song in the Diner as Ryan and Sadie's date is interrupted by Volchok's buddies, seated at the table next to them, loudly talking about Marissa. It plays again when Ryan comes back and tells Volchok's buddies to tell Volchok to meet him under the pier the next day.
Young Shields Casiotone for the Painfully Alone You hear this song at the Bait Shop when Marissa unsucessfully tries to buy a drink.
Meredith Oceansize This song plays as Ryan gets Sadie to stay, and Marissa takes her first bump.
"The Undertow"
song artist scene info
Argyle Socks Scissors 4 Lefty This song plays at the beginning of the of the episode while Seth, Ryan, Summer and Sadie are hanging out at The Cohen's house playing video games.
Lover I Don't Have To Love Bettie Serveert You first hear this song while Marissa sits on the lifeguard tower thinking about calling Volchok. It plays for a second time when Marissa calls Summer, but she doesn't answer. Again, it plays when Sadie walks out on her date with Ryan, dissapointed that he will be cutting it short to go see Jess. Finally the songs plays at the end of the episode where Seth and Summer, Ryan and Sadie, and Marissa and Volchok hook up with eachother.
Inaction We Are Scientists This song plays while Ryan aggressively works out with a punching bag, and thinks about Trey.
Girl and the Sea The Presets You hear this song at the Bait Shop where Summer talks to Marissa about her love life with Seth, or lack thereof.
Don't Pity Me Spiderbaby This songs plays at Jess' Party when things get out of hand. Jess' friend Kim calls Ryan for help, interrupting his date with Sadie.
It's Just Cruel The National Trust This song plays as Ryan arrives at Jess' house. Jess has locked herself inside of the pool house and won't speak to anyone except Ryan.
What If's And Maybe's Bromheads Jacket You hear this song when Jim confronts Ryan at Jess' house after he walks in on their embrace. Jim and Ryan get physical and Ryan leaves the party.
"The Road Warrior"
song artist scene info
Bom Bom Bom Living Things This song first plays during the recap of the previous episode. It plays again towards the middle of the episode while Ryan and Sadie are driving on a desert road.
Under The Sea Digby Jones This song plays while Seth, Summer and Marissa are hanging out in a hot tub. It plays again when Taylor runs into Dr. Roberts at a Korean BBQ.
If You Need The Morning La Rocca This song begins during a montage scene at the beach on a sunny day and continues to play when Julie and Marissa talk at Julie's mobile home.
The Matter (Of Our Discussion) Boom Bip Feat. Nina Nastasia You hear this song when Ryan and Sadie are at a run down motel playing cards.
C-C (You Set The Fire In Me) Tom Vek This song plays while Ryan and Sadie are at Big H Bail Bonds in Indio.
I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes Tom Vek You hear and see Tom Vek playing this song live at the Bait Shop where Marissa sees Volchok.
Forever Young Youth Group This song plays at the end of the episode while Marissa sits on a lifeguard tower at the beach and talks to Ryan on her phone.
"The Heavy Lifting"
song artist scene info
For The Widows In Paradise, For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti Sufjan Stevens This song first plays at Johnny's funeral. It plays again at the end of the episode while Kaitlin drives away from Newport with Justin, and Marissa holds the neckless from Johnny and cries.
Grand Machine #12 Electric President You hear this song at The Bait Shop where Seth and Ryan, and Summer and Marissa are preparing for Valentines Day.
White Daisy Passing Rocky Votolato This song plays at the Valentines Day party when Justin and Kaitlin run into eachother, and Seth gives Summer his note of confessions.
Neverending Math Equation Sun Kil Moon This song plays at the Valentines Day party when Kaitlin tells Julie she is going back to school.
"The Cliffhanger"
song artist scene info
Love Knows How To Fight M. Craft This song plays while Ryan and Marissa talk about Seth's pot problem in the student lounge, and leads into Kaitlin's surf lesson with Johnny.
Hide Away Rock Kills Kid This song plays as Chili tells Johnny he needs to confront Marissa.
Fall At Your Feet James Blunt This song first plays as Johnny confesses his love to Marissa on the pier. It is heard again as a drunken Johnny re-reads the letter from Marissa, and throws it in the fire, while at the beach with Kaitlin. It plays one last time as Ryan and Marissa come to rescue Johnny, and Johnny falls.
Cava Del Rio Senza At Alforno's, you hear this song as Julie spies on Dr. Roberts and Laura Cross.
Wasted Black Flag As Seth smokes pot in his room, he is listening to this song, only to be surprised by Summer.
"The Pot Stirrer"
song artist scene info
Insomnia Electric President This song first comes on while Seth and Ryan talk in the Cohen's kitchen about Seth's college options. A little while later it plays at Kaitlin and Johnny are walking and talking on the pier, and finally it is played at the very end of the episode, as each character is left all alone, and Seth lights up.
I Only Have Eyes For You Martina Topley Bird You hear this song as Julie Cooper and Dr. Roberts secretly meet at a bar.
My Favourite Friend Diefenbach This song plays at a club where Marissa runs into her sister and Johnny together.
Stay In The Shade Jose Gonzalez Kaitlin's birthday party is being set up at Dr. Robert's house. Marissa helps set up while Kaitlin swims, and flirts with Johnny.
Low Happening Howling Bells This song plays as Kaitlin's party starts hoppin'. Ryan and Summer arrive, and Ryan tells Marissa about Kaitlin.
Brand New Delhi The Tao of Groove At Matt Ramsey's apartment, this song plays as Bill and Sandy work out a deal for the hospital.
"The Safe Harbor"
song artist scene info
Our House Electric President This song plays at the Bait Shop where the "Free Marissa" plan is born.
I Love A Man In Uniform Gang Of Four Summer comes up with a grassroots "Free Marissa" campaign, while Ryan goes to ask Dr. Kim for help.
Albany Brownout Francine This song plays as Summer and Seth prod Taylor into helping Marissa.
Dancing In The Moonlight Magnet Marissa goes to the Diner to tell the gang to put the kybosh on "Free Marissa". She wants to stay in Public School.
California Rogue Wave This song plays as Ryan thanks Johnny on the beach, and leads into the 2006 class photo being taken, with Marissa.
"The Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah"
song artist scene info
Christmas All Over Again Tom Petty The song plays as the gang looks over Christmas trees. Seth comes up with the idea of a Bar Mitzvah for Ryan.
Christmas Day in the Sun Hot Hot Heat The song plays at the diner as the gang brainstorms a plan to raise money for Johnny's surgery.
That's What Friends Are For Dionne Warwick & Friends Seth watches his Bar Mitzvah on video and remembers the good times. Later the song plays as Ryan returns with Johnny to the Bar Mitzvah.
YMCA Village People Ryan interrupts Seth watching his Bar Mitzvah video.
Silent Night APM Marissa waits for Ryan at the diner, but sees Johnny outside doing some sort of shady transaction.
The Christmas Song The Raveonettes Ryan looks for Marissa at the diner but doesn't see her.
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen APM Marissa and Johnny meet at the diner and decide to start over.
Silent Night On The Prairie First Com Julie decorates her trailer and Kristen persuades her to talk with Marissa.
Doxology David Poe Julie shows up to Summer's house looking for Marissa, and Dr. Roberts and Julie swap secrets over a drink.
Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel APM Johnny excuses himself from the newport Country Club and Marissa follows him.
Silent Night First Com Ryan stops Johnny from pulling a gun on the convenience store clerk.
"The Disconnect"
song artist scene info
Hard To Be You The 88 Ryan, Seth & Marissa give Johnny a ride to his place before school.
My Worst Nightmare Fine China The song plays in the student lounge as Summer reveals to Seth that she really wants to go to Brown.
Come On Client Ryan follows Matt into "The Big Easy," a strip club.
The Stroke Billy Squier The song plays as Ryan gets a lap dance at the strip club and Marissa calls him from Johnny's place.
Make It Bounce The Invisible Men Ryan calls Marissa from outside the strip club late at night.
On And On Nikka Costa Sandy finds Matt in the club and fires him for being irresponsible and screwing up the presentation.
Go Sadness Shout Out Louds Summer and Seth write their essays to Brown together. Ryan and Marissa look for each other at their houses and then finally talk on the phone and tell the truth about the past few days to each other.
"The Game Plan"
song artist scene info
Unsatisfied Nine Black Alps Over breakfast, Ryan, Seth and Summer talk about which colleges they hope to attend and Marissa breaks the news that she doesn't plan to go to college.
Everyday Dios Malos In the student lounge, Seth wants to go to Brown and Ryan calls Johnny to make an alley to convince Marissa.
Open Invitation BRMC The song plays as Marissa tries to fill out her college application but gets discouraged by memories of her past.
N.Y.L.A The Talk The song plays at the beach as Chili talks to Johnny before the surf competition and tells Marissa he can get her a job on the surf tour.
Yellow Petra Haden & Bill Frisell The song plays while Seth tells Sandy he wants to go to Brown, Ryan and Marissa talk about their future, and the gang talks about college over left-overs.
"The Anger Management"
song artist scene info
Interruptions Rogue Wave SSong plays as Marissa & Summer get ready for school in the morning.
Rock & Roll Queen The Subways Marissa, Ryan, Summer & Seth take Johnny to the Bait Shop to cheer him up, and they watch the band play the song.
Oh Yeah The Subways At the Bait Shop, Taylor continues to court Seth, making Summer angry. Volchok comes to antagonize Ryan.
Travel In Time Carmen Rizzo feat. Kate Havnevik The song plays at the charity benefit thrown by Kirsten, Julie & Charlotte.
Opium Dreams Rithma The song plays at the Newport Beach charity benefit while Ryan and Johnny.
I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say The Subways The song plays as Marissa and Ryan decompress from the events of night. When Marissa leaves, Ryan hits his punching bag
"The Swells"
song artist scene info
Publish My Love Rogue Wave Sandy and Kristen discuss selling the Newport Group. Seth and Summer make plans for Ryan but get intercepted by Taylor.
Knocked Down Pennywise Marissa walks off with Johnny at Chili's house and Summer calls Seth, Later Summer tells Seth to send Ryan to Chili's house but Taylor outlaws cells phones at the lock-in.
No Rest For The Weekend Orange At the dawn patrol party, Summer apologizes to Ryan for her over-reaction at Chili's house.
Sugar Ladytron Ryan asks if he should worry about her & Johnny, and Marissa tells Ryan that she can talk to Johnny about Trey.
Swagger Calla Seth calls Ryan from a payphone & asks him to come back. At the party, Marissa & Johnny find his girlfriend in bed with another guy.
"The Perfect Storm"
song artist scene info
Blind Asylum Orenda Fink Summer and Marissa attempt to share the mirror while getting ready for school in Summer's room.
Weight Of The World Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Ryan sits in a diner trying to figure out his future & Johnny offers a solution.
Appearances Citizens Here & Abroad Sandy & Kirsten try to change Ryan's mind as he packs his things in his room to go work at sea on a fishing boat.
Holding Me Up Dandy Warhols The gang walks on the beach and talk about Ryan's future.
"The Last Waltz"
song artist scene info
Circles Bob Mould Marissa enters her new highschool and all the students stare, later Marissa gets harassed by a tough girl in the hall. The song also plays as Ryan considers joining Marissa at the dance.
Fire Fire M.I.A. Marissa and her new friends walk into the school dance at Newport Union.
Ain't No Game Basko Seth and Summer enter the Harbor High dance, and Taylor takes credit for how well it turned out.
I Don't Want To Fall In Love She Wants Revenge Seth calls Ryan from the dance and counsels him not to worry about Marissa.
Natural (Radio Edit) Infusion Summer is at the dance when she sees Taylor sneak off into the hallway.
Triumphant Royksopp Summer tells Seth she has something important to tell him.
Forever Young Youth Group Marissa and Ryan find a song on the radio to be their song, and they slow dance.
"The End Of Innocence"
song artist scene info
Wish I Was Dead Pt 2 Shout Out Louds Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer have breakfast together and hope for the best for the new school year.
Gangsters and Thugs Transplants While working on the school theatre project, Seth and Summer plan a romantic interlude for Ryan and Marissa.
Salvation Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Ryan and Marissa get together. Jimmy gets beat up, and Kirsten struggles with her issues
Baby Blue All Sad Girls Are Beautiful Kirsten comes home, she and Sandy try to work through their problems.
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea matt pond PA Ryan and Marissa walk on the beach thinking about the future, and the whole Cohen family is home together again.
"The Shape of Things To Come"
song artist scene info
Soul Meets Body Death Cab For Cutie The gang has breakfast at the diner as Summer plans how they can make their senior year the best ever.
Get The Party Started Cobra Verde Summer's ideas for the "Kick-off Carnival" are a success but as she and Seth walk around she misses Coop.
Do You Want To Franz Ferdinand Summer tells Taylor off and then she and Seth see that Ryan and Marissa show up to the school carnival.
California 2005 (No Whistling) Phantom Planet The gang rides the ferris wheel, enjoying the carnival but then Marissa and Ryan have to take off.
"The Aftermath"
song artist scene info
Beretta Manishevitz Marissa and Summer sit poolside at Marissa's place, talking about the strange turn of event's and Trey's welfare.
Hide Another Mistake The 88 Seth and Summer urge the group to not worry about what will happen and to have some fun, Marissa has an idea.
Song For No One Ian Broudie The gang go sailing on Jimmy's boat and spend the day on the beach together.
Way To Go Teen Wolf As Seth and Ryan discuss "Teen Wolf," Sandy breaks the news that there's a warrant for Ryan's arrest.
Blue Light (Engineers "Anti-Gravity" Mix) Bloc Party Ryan looks for Trey in the ICU, but he is gone. He finds him at the bus station and waves goodbye to Trey as the bus pulls away.